The most beautiful cities and places of the world… I highly recommend for the intense beauty and an authentic experience…

Sana’a | Yemen

Damascus | Syria

Verona, Amalfi Coast, Montepulciano, Florence, Tuscany, Venice, Milan & Rome | Italy

Zhongdian & Kashgar | China

Lhasa | Tibet

The Himalayas & Monasteries | Bhutan

Berlin | Germany

Vienna | Austria

Paris | France

Chicago | Illinois

Kyoto | Japan

Prague & Česky Krumlov | Czech Republic

Fes | Morocco

Algiers & the Sahara Desert | Algeria

Samarkand | Uzbekistan

Istanbul | Turkey

St. Petersburg | Russia

Angkor Wat | Cambodia

Bagan | Myanmar

The Volcanoes National Park | Rwanda

The Maasai Mara | Kenya

The Serengeti | Tanzania

Most Beautiful City

The first view of old Sana’a in Yemen leaves you breathless, it is architecture like you have never seen before… skyscrapers of an ancient world. The tower houses of Yemen are beautiful and the colors of the beautiful glass windows gives you thousands of opportunities for brilliant photos… The friendly people, the veiled women in black, the beautiful girls with gold earrings… happy, full of life, living in a magical land of one thousand and one arabian knights… where princes and princesses still exsist…

Most Breathtaking Temples

To witness the majesty of the Bagan Temples is inspiring… the first view of the temples from atop one of the temples is undescribable… you are just amazed and know that our world is a wonderful place to discover… the friendly Myanmar people with their brand of suntan protection, the friendly monks, going back into the past & seeing that time has stood still here in some places, the beautiful & amazing temples, the frescos, the wide expanse of the Ayeyarwady river…