Campaign Launch Videos & Campaign Videos for National Fundraising Design & Production

The Politics Company Inc. designs, directs and produces amazing campaign launch videos for Democratic U.S. Congressional campaigns. Below is our most recent campaign launch video we designed for a 2024 Democratic U.S. Congressional campaign in Maryland’s 6th district. Watch it by clicking on the image below.

The Politics Company Inc. designed, directed and produced a campaign launch video for our 2022 Democratic U.S. Senatorial client in Wisconsin. Watch it by clicking on the image below.

The Politics Company Inc. designs and produces campaign launch videos and campaign videos for national fundraising. It is important that campaigns have a two to three minutes video that tells the story of the candidate in an emotionally motivating way. The Politics Company Inc. team designs a 320 to 480 words script and storyboard in close coordination with the candidate and their campaign team. The objectives of campaign videos are to introduce the candidate, share their story, share why they are running & where they stand on the issues they are passionate about, show that they’re credible and viable, raise awareness of the campaign, if the candidate is running against an incumbent, why that incumbent doesn’t deserve to be reelected and, of course, help raise money.

The Politics Company Inc. video film crews, based in LA and Atlanta, are top professionals and capture normal-speed and slow-motion video to create amazing campaign videos. The video edit crew also creates slow-motion 20 seconds video to be used for the Facebook header and the website home page. For more information about campaign video design and production, contact Ken Christensen at 202-506-8151.

Please click on the video snapshot below to see an example of a campaign video designed by The Politics Company Inc. that had over 1.5 million views.

Ken Christensen on campaign video film shoots for his Democratic U.S. Senatorial and U.S Congressional clients.

[Ken Christensen on a film shoot for a Democratic U.S. Congressional client in Maryland.]

[Ken Christensen on a film shoot for a Democratic U.S. Senatorial client in Wisconsin.]

[Ken Christensen on a film shoot for a Democratic U.S. Congressional client in Virginia.]

[Ken Christensen directing a film shoot for a Democratic U.S. Congressional client in Minnesota.]

Political Action Committees Outreach

Since, The Politics Company Inc. is a Washington, D.C. based Democratic media, political, strategic messaging, PAC outreach & national fundraising consulting firm, we communicate directly with PAC Directors. The Politics Company Inc. has built professional relationships with all the major political action committees. This gives your campaign an important edge in selling your campaign and competing for limited PAC dollars.

  • Labor Unions Outreach
  • National Interest Groups Outreach
  • Political Action Committees Outreach
  • Democratic Congressional Leadership Committees Outreach
  • Democratic U.S. Senators & U.S. Representatives Outreach
  • DCCC, DSCC & DNC Outreach
  • Washington, DC Scheduling | Meet & Greets
  • Campaign Prospectus Design & Development

National Fundraising Consulting

At The Politics Company Inc., we offer a full range of national fundraising consulting services. We will develop, in close coordination with your campaign team, a realistic fundraising and donor outreach plan that details all the operational elements and goals of the campaign’s fundraising operation. The Politics Company Inc. can turn your campaign into an effective and efficient political fundraising machine.

  • National Fundraising Consulting
  • Circle of Friends Fundraising Consulting
  • Text Message Fundraising
  • Email Fundraising
  • Facebook Fundraising Ads
  • Twitter Blue Slide Messaging
  • IP Fundraising Ads
  • YouTube Video Fundraising Ads
  • Google Fundraising Ads
  • Fundraising Ad Graphics, GIFs & Video Design
  • Labor Unions & Interest Groups PAC Fundraising
  • Fundraising Strategies & Fundraising Set Up Services
  • Candidate Fundraising Calling Systems & Training
  • Integrating Phone Burner or Call Time AI for Donor Outreach
  • Fundraising Message & Script Development
  • Democratic Donor Database Development
  • Professional Donor Call Sheet
  • Staff, Interns & Volunteer Recruitment
  • Candidate & Staff Fundraising Training
  • Fundraising Pledges Tracking Systems

Digital Fundraising Strategies

The Politics Company Inc. team designs and crafts digital ads, emails and text messaging to create a narrative for the campaign that is positive, emotionally motivating activating small and high dollar donors to contribute to Democratic candidates. Treating donors with respect is one of the keys to a campaign’s fundraising success. The Politics Company Inc. team works closely with our clients and their campaign teams to design strategic messaging and paid ads that benefits the campaign with donations, volunteers and online activism.

  • Digital Ads | Facebook Ads | IP Ads | Google Ads | YouTube Ads
  • Designing Emotionally Motivating Email, Digital Ads & Text Messaging that Resonates with and Engages Donors, Activists & Voters
  • Targeting with the latest Digital Analytics, Mechanics & Tactics
  • Stunning Graphics that Attract & Engage
  • Issue Engagement | Online Petitions & Polls
  • Small & High Dollar Donors’ Email & Text Messaging Targeting

Campaign Strategy, Messaging, Branding, Planning, Budgeting & Timeline

The Politics Company Inc. team will develop a realistic campaign and fundraising plan that details all the operational elements and goals of the campaign. Developing a written campaign and finance plan will be one of the most important aspects of your campaign.

  • Campaign Strategy, Plan, Budget & Timeline Development
  • Strategic Messaging
  • Building Winning Campaign Consultancy Teams
  • Hiring Campaign Staff
  • Name Recognition Building Strategies
  • Branding & Brand Positioning
  • Opposition Research
  • Opposition Psychoanalysis
  • Baseline & Tracking Polls
  • Advertising
  • Logo Development
  • Website Design & Development
  • Candidate Biography Development
  • Candidate Stump Speech Development
  • Labor Unions & Interest Group Endorsements
  • Grassroots Campaigning & Field Management
  • Grassroots Volunteer Phone Banking & Door to Door Campaigning
  • Volunteers & Interns Recruitment
  • Exacted Strategies for Winning Democratic Primaries
  • Voter Database Modeling, Targeting, Segmentation & Analytics
  • Candidate Biography Video Filming & Editing Services
  • Initial Video & Photography Shoot
  • Speech & Debate Practice
  • Candidate Scheduling
  • Campaign Infrastructure Set Up & Management
  • FEC Compliance & Initial FEC Filings

Voter Modeling, Targeting, Segmenting & Analytics

Professional voter modeling, targeting & segmenting must be one of the top priorities for a campaign. The Politics Company Inc. team puts deep thought into analyzing voter data to create the campaign’s targeted voter database and segmentation models to win Democratic primaries or to defeat incumbent Republicans. Targeting voters with strategic messaging is key to running a competitive campaign and winning.

  • Voter Modeling & Targeting Analysis
  • Voter Analytics & Segmentation Modeling
  • Voter File Data Matching
  • Micro Targeting
  • The Politics Company Inc. partners with NGPVAN, Target Smart & L2 Solutions for Voter Data
  • Targeting Strategies to Win Democratic Primaries
  • Targeting Strategies to Defeat Incumbent Republicans
  • Persuade, Switch & Keep Voter Strategies

At The Politics Company Inc., we know that voter data must drive a campaign and be a top priority. Voter modeling, targeting, segmenting and analytics are main keys to making campaigns competitive and winning.

Paid TV, Cable & Digital Advertising

The Politics Company Inc. combines the art of political messaging and digital media design to create ads with targeted ad buys and layered communications to surround the voter with multiple ads driving the candidate’s message home that turn into votes on election day.

TV & Cable Targeting | Set-Top Box

A set-top box (STB) is an information device that enables content from a cable or satellite signal to be displayed on a television. Using set-top box data allows you to target specific voters by matching data with the campaign’s voter file. Another example of how The Politics Company Inc. can add another affordable advertising layer to persuade voters.

Connected TV Advertising | Live Stream Ads | TV News Ads Adjacencies

Connected TV (CTV) / live stream ads is a form of digital advertising that appears within streaming content. For example, it includes ads shown alongside TV shows or livestreams viewed on streaming devices. TV News Ads Adjacencies should also be considered, if the campaign has financial resources, as another way to get the campaign’s messages in front of voters.

Targeted Digital & Social Advertising

Social media advertising is a type of digital marketing that utilizes social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, YouTube, Google, etc. to deliver paid ads to the campaign’s targeted voters.

By leveraging various voter data sources, like NGPVAN, Target Smart, L2 Solutions, and other consumer data, Democratic campaigns are able to micro target their voters and deliver personalized content based on demographics and user behavior.

Internet Protocol Ads

IP Advertising allows campaigns to put ads onto computer desktops, laptops, mobile phones when voters’ devices are connected to the internet. This allows you to target audiences by IP address, or location. Campaigns can put targeted ads in front of a specific voter by sending advertisements to the IP addresses accessing that network.

Text Messaging

Text messaging is one of the best and most affordable ways of getting the candidate’s message and ads in front of voters. The Politics Company Inc. partners with Scale to Win | Spoke for text messaging services.


Our mission is to elect Democrats at all levels by using our expertise to design political messaging combined with paid media that resonates with voters to earn their votes.

Campaign Communications & Press Outreach

Building a campaign communications database professionally is one of the most important parts of the initial campaign infrastructure set up. Then, have a plan in place to constantly add and update individual contact information in the campaign communications database on a daily basis.

  • Campaign Communications & Crisis Communications
  • Press Outreach & Earned Media
  • Designing & Writing Effective Press Releases
  • Social Media Influencers Outreach
  • Online, Email, Text & Social Networking Communications
  • Facebook, Twitter & Instagram Communications
  • Email Newsletters | Sharing the Good News of the Campaign

Voters | Donors | Volunteers | Supporters | Labor Leaders | Democratic Party Leaders | Interest Groups Leaders | Social Media Influencers | Community Leaders | Senior Citizens | Students | Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee | Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee | Democratic National Committee | Press | News Media | Political Reporters | Bloggers | Etc.

About The Politics Company Inc

The Politics Company Inc. is a Washington, DC based Democratic media, political, strategic messaging, PAC outreach and national fundraising consulting firm. The Politics Company Inc.’s political experience includes consulting international, presidential, gubernatorial, U.S. Senatorial, U.S. Congressional, statewide, statehouse, and local Democratic campaigns.

The firm of The Politics Company Inc. designs and produces campaign launch videos and campaign videos for national fundraising. In addition, The Politics Company Inc. provides general political consulting, strategic messaging, brand positioning, planning, budgeting, timeline, campaign management, staff training, voter modeling & targeting, fundraising strategy advice and political action committee fundraising consulting services to campaigns.

The Politics Company Inc. also specializes in campaign fundraising and makes recommendations to campaigns and candidates on how they can maximize their fundraising potential. The Politics Company Inc. team has raised money for campaigns from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Congressional Black Caucus, Congressional Progressive Caucus, Democratic Congressional Leadership PACs, Democratic U.S. Representatives & U.S. Senators’ campaign committees, low dollar donors, wealthy individuals, political action committees, labor unions, trial lawyers, trade associations and the online community.

The Politics Company Inc. combines the art of political messaging and digital media design to create ads with targeted ad buys and layered communications to surround the voter with multiple ads driving the candidate’s message home that turn into votes on election day.

X / Twitter: @politicscompany

Ken Christensen, a National Democratic Strategist, is the CEO of The Politics Company Inc., a Washington, DC based Pro-Labor Democratic media, political, strategic messaging, PAC outreach and national fundraising consulting firm. His political experience includes consulting International, Presidential, U.S. Senatorial, U.S. Congressional, Statewide, State Senate & House and Local Democratic campaigns. He has written articles on politics and campaigning that have appeared in Campaigns & Elections magazine, has been quoted in national publications and was featured in articles in CNN Politics, Bloomberg News Politics, Associated Press News, the National Journal, The Hill Newspaper, the Reader’s Digest and Advancing Philanthropy magazine. Ken Christensen was named a Mover & Shaker in American politics by Campaigns & Elections magazine. He has studied languages and politics in Berlin, Germany; Vienna, Austria; Paris, France; St. Petersburg, Russia; and Rome & Florence, Italy as well as traveled to over 100 countries.

The Politics Company Inc | Labor Unions

The Politics Company Inc. only supports pro-Labor Democratic candidates and works with closely the AFL-CIO, Building and Construction Trades Department, United Brotherhood of Carpenters, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, United Association of Plumbers, International Association of Iron Workers, International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Sheet Metal Workers – SMART, International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators & Asbestos Workers, International Association of Machinists, International Union of Bricklayers, International Union of Engineers, International Union of Painters & Allied Trades, United Transportation Union – SMART, United Food & Commercial Workers, International Association of Fire Fighters, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers – IBT, Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees – IBT, Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen, Communication Workers of America, International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, American Federation of Teachers, National Education Association, Amalgamated Transit Union, American Federation of Government Employees, AFSCME, Service Employees International Union, United Auto Workers, United Steel Workers of America, United Mine Workers, National Association of Letter Carriers, American Postal Workers Union, American Nurses Association, Alliance of Retired Americans, American Maritime Officers, Bakery, Confectionery & Tobacco Workers, National Rural Letter Carriers Association, Seafarers International Union, Transport Workers Union and UNITEHERE.